1Why should I make a product video?
Research has shown that people respond better to video than pictures or text. By creating a video to show off your product, you will convert more clicks to sales all while differentiating your page from your competitors.
2How does the process work?
The process of creating a Demo This video is simple. First, fill out a form on our website. On the form, you will describe your product. Then, one of our producers will reach out, go over everything with you, and provide you with our studio address where you will need to send your product. After that, our team will work on the pre-production, shoot your product, and edit it. Finally, you will have a beautiful demo video to show off.
3How much does a demo video cost?
Our videos start at $950 for a basic white background demo video which includes a hand model. We also offer add-ons such as a voiceover, full body models, or lifestyle locations.
4How long does the process take?
A demo video usually takes 3 to 4 weeks from when we receive your product to when you receive the final video.
5Does the client have to provide a location for the shoot?
No. The client ships the product to our studio so that you don't need to hassle with finding a location.
6Do I need a Talent(Actor)?
Some products look more natural when shown on a full model. For such products, a model can help demonstrate your product more visually. Generally, for clothing, bags, jewelry or any similar products, we recommend a full model.
7Should I add a voiceover?
Some products can benefit from a voice over. When you choose to add a voiceover to your video, we write up the full script and send it off to one of our talented voice-over artists.
8Is there feedback and revisions?
Yes. Every Demo This video goes through multiple stages of revision where we ask you for your comments and feedback so that you are 100% happy with your video.
9If I have multiple products, is there an easier way to submit the product information to Demo This?
Demo This streamlines this process so the client and our producers don't waste time with the back and forth, both benefiting from the web form. If you have a lot of products, we can help you. Please contact us for more info.
10How is Demo This different than other production companies?
Great question! Demo This was created by video production and e-commerce experts. Unlike any other production company, our focus is product videos- nothing else. We produce the most compelling product demo videos in the industry and expertly streamline the process so you don't have to empty your pockets.




Videos include professional camera set up with a white background, lighting and a hand model who will demonstrate the product. Face and full body model, voiceover, and live settings are available upon request.

Packages start at $950 per video.

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